About Dr. Bob Doering


Dr. Robert Doering, Ph.D., C. Psych. has been a registered psychologist in Ontario for more than 30 years. He spent the first 10 years of his psychology career working in publically funded institutions such as the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, Syl Apps Youth Centre, Peel Children's Centre, Toronto Court Clinic, and Lutherwood.

In 1991, he and another psychologist, Dr. Deb Baar, founded a private practice in uptown Waterloo. This practice has expanded over the past two decades to include nine psychologists and two psychological associates. The type of therapy offered over the years has depended on the needs of the client, but include cognitive, insight-oriented, and relationally focussed therapy. 

A Mindfulness Framework

Bob has a strong interest in facilitating mindful awareness as a means of enhancing the benefits of standard psychological therapies. Mindfulness is not just a therapy, but a fundamental perspective change. Psychologists like Bob have discovered that mindfulness and psychological therapies -- although very different in many respects -- also have a synergy that can be mutually enriching when combined.

Mindfulness has had a huge impact in Bob's own life. His own approach to teaching is framed by the Basic Mindfulness system as taught by a master meditation teacher, Shinzen Young. Bob has been practicing mindfulness intensively for the past twelve years under his instruction, integrating and sharing his science-friendly, secular, and clearly formulated framework. Learn more about the work of Shinzen Young by following the links on this site.