Welcome to Basic Mindfulness Waterloo, a website that connects you to basic mindfulness instruction in uptown Waterloo. Use this site to register for classes, or to make direct contact with a psychologist who specializes in teaching mindfulness skills and the ways such skills can facilitate personal growth, improving a range of personal life issues.

If you are curious about mindfulness practice, you may have questions on your mind about approaches that match your learning needs and are relevant to your particular concerns. This website connects you to links that can help you understand mindfulness in general, and the specific way people are learning to practice mindfulness at Basic Mindfulness Waterloo. You can also talk directly to Dr. Bob Doering about tools shared here that you would like to know more about.

In the Basic Mindfulness approach, you obtain careful support for your efforts in one-on-one or group formats. The methods offered build a baseline for practicing your own skills systematically. A baseline of knowledge can help you to develop a powerful toolbox of mindfulness skills that can be used both in formal practice, and when encountering the challenges and opportunities of daily living.