Services and Classes with Dr. Bob Doering, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Dr. Doering is a registered psychologist in Ontario. Fees are often reimbursable through workplace benefits for health services. To book an appointment with Bob at his psychology practice, call 519 725 1748 x12.  To book an appointment with Bob at the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre, call 519-884-3305, or email 

Bob also currently teaches an ongoing weekly two-hour class entitled "Mindfulness as a Contemplative Practice". This is hosted by the Glebe Counselling Centre, which is near the Laurier Campus in Waterloo.

This class meets most Mondays 9:00-11:00 am. Members of the class are generally experienced with meditation but those new to practice are  welcome. Prospective members are asked to contact Bob before their first class for an orientation and to make sure the class is a good fit. In class, we share experiences and support each other's efforts to maintain a long term mindfulness practice that is both a contemplative path and a set of attention skills that can be readily applied to the challenges and opportunities of daily life. There is no set fee beyond donations to pay our rent at the Glebe Counselling Centre (approximately $20/month/participant will suffice). We have an inclusive and secular frame that is equally friendly to all contemplative traditions and endeavors.

Format: 9:00 am  Gathering, greetings (coffee is availablel). 9:15am   Guided practice for 45 minutes exploring themes described in “Five Ways to Know Yourself”, such as: working within and across different modes of sensory experience; discovering and creating tranquility; working with thoughts and emotions; nurturing positive qualities and inclinations; mindfulness in action; mindfulness in Life; 10:30-11:00 Q&A, class discussion, sharing the journey.

Goals:  Gaining skills and confidence as a mindfulness practitioner; Maintaining a consistent practice over the longer term; Bringing mindfulness practice to challenges and opportunities in daily life; Supporting your practice; Sharing mutual support with others.

Resources and Expectations:

The Basic Mindfulness system is described in a manual entitled Five Ways to Know Yourself, available online at  Class presentations will assume a basic familiarity of topics described in the manual such as “what is meant by “mindful awareness”; “how does mindful awareness relate to attention skills”?; “What is meant by “noting”?; What is meant by “flow”?

Note:  Before new participants are given permission to join the class, they will be required meet at least once briefly with Bob for an orientation.